There’s a new star in town, and her name is Superstar Shyra.  But don’t take our word for it.  She was first discovered by famed filmmaker John Singleton, who was so taken with the budding songstress that he featured her song “DJ Love Song” on the soundtrack for his latest film, Abduction. It was, in fact, John Singleton who gave her the stage moniker “superstar,” because, as he told her, “I know a superstar when I see one.”

Born Shyra Sanchez, the multicultural beauty – she is of Latin, Egyptian and East Indian descent – has been singing and dancing since the tender age of two; and she has been  technically trained in various forms of dance – including jazz, ballet and tap.

Wiles first became aware of Superstar Shyra at L.A. Fashion Week, where she opened the Style Week L.A. Emerging Designers show with a sexy performance on the runway.  From the onset, it was clear that the singer, who cites such notables as Madonna, Prince, Santana, and Selena among her influences, is all about great showmanship. “I like to connect with audiences,” she told us.  “I’m also interested in doing concept records, like Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation, for instance, because I want to take my audience on a journey from beginning to end with my music.”

And, just like her role models, Superstar Shyra is exceptionally committed to her craft.  With a regimen that includes working out 6 – 7 days a week, eating six small meals per day and undergoing two hours of dance training per day, she will, no doubt, soon be ranked among the A-List stars she admires.

Superstar Shyra also devotes her time, in equal parts, to developing her inner being. “You are what you think,” she shared with us. “I get a lot of inspiration from my spirituality.  I believe in God, and I know he wouldn’t have brought me this far if I didn’t have talent and have something to give to the world.”

Superstar Shyra plans to deliver some amazing dance music on her upcoming album, and she’s enlisted the help of industry veterans like songwriter Makeva Riddick – who has worked with performers like Rihanna, Eminem, and Beyonce – to help.  Her schedule for January is already packed with touring, showcasing, and photo shoots; and she expects her new album to be released early in 2012.

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