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This article was originally published by HLife Media in April 2010, yet even now, as they prepare to re-position their brand a year later, the concepts and concerns they raise here are as topical and critical as they’ve ever been.  So as we celebrate Mother (Earth) Day, take a moment to read these excerpts and reflect on your power to affect the world around you.

(publish date: April 19th, 2010)

Your Relationship with the Planet: How Your Thoughts Affect the Earth

By Sylvie and Maryl Celiz

You probably already know that your eating habits (methane from the meat you eat) and your car (carbon dioxide from exhaust) as well as other habits (like throwing away recyclable goods) affect the planet. You also know that conserving water (taking shorter showers) and electricity (turning off those lights) help too. But did you know that, above all of those [your mind] can pollute the atmosphere and drain the planet of resources in a worse way?

Negative thoughts are the worst toxic pollutant on the face of the planet.

If science now knows that there is no such thing as a solid, just an incredibly slow moving element (much slower than our eye can capture) and what we call “matter” is just energy at various degrees of density, then we can conclude that everything inside and around us is energy.

By the Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy, we know that energy can neither be created [nor] destroyed – it can only be transformed. And we also know that everything, good and bad, positive and negative, stays right here in our environment.  Nothing “goes away”. There is no such thing as “away”. There is just life, interacting, forever.

So it goes with your thoughts.  The same way you generate [physical] trash and toxins, so you generate trash and toxins when you create negative thoughts. These negative thoughts exit your brain in the form of electromagnetic energy that will not be destroyed; it will either be changed or will go on to add to a pile of energy just like it.

Need some examples of our negative thoughts?

[How about] that bad thought (envy) you had about your co-worker when he got a promotion? Or the time your brother embarrassed you in front of everyone and you thought “I could kill you right now!”   [Remember] the other day when that bank teller fumbled through your transaction at a snail’s pace while you were on a very short lunch break and you told yourself what an idiot she was?  All of [that energy] is going out and over to the collective unconscious, a sort of vibratory library of mankind’s thoughts, feelings and experiences, all of which form a cover around the planet, like a dome of energy of all kinds…

Our thoughts create our lives, and the world around us. We must take responsibility and be conscious of this. If our lives are created and affected by our thoughts, so is the planet. The planet is an organic, living cell (a bigger body) that depends on us, just like we depend on it, for survival. We are interdependent, just like us and the cells in our bodies, which depend on us to feed them healthy food and have positive thoughts in order to give us a healthy life. We need to care for our planet the same way we need to care for our bodies.  As cells have consciousness and our thoughts and actions can affect their state of well-being, we can also affect the well-being of the planet.

[learn_more caption=”About the Contributors” state=”open”] Silvie Celiz – Silvie considers herself a self-experimenting scientist. She has walked-the-walk with many nutritional lifestyles, such as raw, macrobiotic, vegetarianism and veganism, and has counseled others on the importance of eating the right things as a powerful tool for living the path to optimal health. As a bilingual Holistic Health and Nutrition Consultant with a Bachelor of Science in Holistic Nutrition and a doctorate in Natural Health, she emphasizes the importance of prevention as an approach to health and self-healing as a lifestyle because she believes people have the power and responsibility to create their own reality. As a holistic alternative practitioner, she believes that the mind is where all illness starts and that working on the mind/emotions and complementing that with good nutrition is the way to health. Her desire is for people to see themselves from the inside out instead of the outside in, with thoughts and cells as the main creators of individual well-being.

Maryl Celiz – Born in Peru and bred in the United States, Maryl is a bilingual/bicultural journalist with a passion for helping others through useful information for everyday living and personal growth. She studied Print Journalism and Mass Communications at Florida International University in Miami, Florida and is a recipient of the California Endowment for Health Journalism Fellowship. She has written, reported, edited and produced for print, broadcast and web media, including The Sun-Sentinel, The Miami Herald, Telemundo and Azteca America. As Features Editor of Hoy, a Los Angeles Times Media Group Spanish language newspaper, she launched the health section of the national publication, has covered major awards like the Oscars, Golden Globes and Grammys, and interviewed influential people in both science and the arts.

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