Downtime – July

El Capitan Canyon

By Ramona Wright

Last summer I finally took my first vacation. I decided to do something I would not normally think to do and something totally out of my character. A colleague recommended I go to El Capitan Canyon. A great place to relax north of Santa Barbara up the California coastline. There were a variety of options for outdoor fun and lodging. However, if you are not keen on the great outdoors or camping like me, they have great cabins adjacent to a romantic creek. Each night frogs and crickets serenaded me, a welcomed lullaby from the sirens, traffic and urban ambiance of cosmopolitan life.

During my two-day stay, I ate food from the local market, hiked and got an amazing massage. I was able to rough it and “camp” on my terms. The beach is walking distance or you can rent a bike and cycle to it with a friend, special someone or a group.

El Capitan Canyon caters to “luxury campers” in the Santa Barbara area with an assortment of the same comfortable accommodations any Santa Barbara hotel can provide. Nestled in historic groves of oak and sycamore trees along El Capitan Creek, cedar cabins and safari tents are grouped in villages called “Stone Pine,” “Peace Tree,” “Lone Stone” and “Shaded Creek.”

Southern California nature lodging near the beach has never been so enjoyable. All accommodations are furnished with willow beds, down-style duvets, western-inspired blankets and casual furnishings. Unlike me, perhaps you might prefer to “rough it” slightly in one of their canvas safari tents for a more authentic nature lodging experience.

Check out the photo gallery and plan your next retreat and hopefully not your first vacation. Visit for more information.

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