Downtime – June

Down-Home Down Time

By Francesca Merced

One of my favorite memories from my childhood is my Dad out in the backyard starting up the fire for the grill.  Even now, he rules as king of the ’cue in our family; and every summer he reigns on the patio over his charcoal dominion.  Want to spend some quality time with the special man in your life?  Help him express his inner barbecue connoisseur with a trip down to Nashville, Tennessee.

As the residents of “The Volunteer State” already know, Tennessee is home to some of the United States’ best barbecue!  One of my favorite spots in the Nashville area is Corky’s Ribs and Barbecue – nestled in the Brentwood area just outside the city.  Interestingly, Corky’s actually originated in nearby Memphis – the home of hickory-smoked barbecue.  The folks from Corky’s brought that same flavorful technique to Nashville and the results are incredibly succulent, meaty, tender ribs that will please the palate of any barbecue aficionado.  I advise you to get all of your dinner conversation in over appetizers, because once they bring you your plate of ribs, you’ll be too busy catching the meat as it’s falling off the bone to engage in any chit-chatter!

In addition to the barbecue selections, my other menu favorites include their crisp Sweet Potato Fries, down-home Mac and Cheese, and their luscious, sinful Southern Pecan Pie. The décor at Corky’s is just as flavorful as the food – featuring interesting knickknacks like framed portraits of “The King” Elvis Presley and vintage Coca-Cola signs that add a charming, colloquial touch.

After indulging in all that down-home goodness, you’ll need something to wash your meal down, right?  Luckily, you’re in Nashville, so a trip to the Jack Daniel Distillery is just a brief car ride away!

Lynchburg, Tennessee is just over an hour away from Nashville.  Although it’s the home of the Jack Daniel Distillery, it has been a “dry county” since Prohibition; so you’ll have to wait until you get back to your hotel to sip on your JD stock.  The Jack Daniel Distillery offers an informative tour for visitors.  There, you’ll learn all about the sour mash and copper stills they use to make the famous charcoal-mellowed elixir; and you’ll also get insight into the personal story of its founding father, Mr. Jack Daniel, himself.  After the tour, be sure to pick up a few bottles of the Single Barrel Select.  No barrel is every used more than once at the Jack Daniel Distillery, so with each bottle, you’re guaranteed a unique, flavorful delight that your favorite fan of Tennessee’s smooth-sippin’ whiskey will enjoy!

Good old-fashioned barbecue and Jack Daniel’s.  Now that’s what I call an outing fit for a king!  Take your favorite guy out to Nashville, Tennessee and let me know if y’all agree!

No time to get to Nashville?  No worries, you can take a virtual tour of the distillery online at  You can also learn more about Corky’s Ribs and Barbecue at

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