A Belle In Brooklyn By Demetria Lucas

The Go-to Girl for Advice on Living Your Best Single Life

Review by Teryl Warren

At a time when single women – particularly single Black women – are being inundated with statistics that indicate dire dating straits, author Demetria Lucas shares with her reader, a stat that may be less sensational, but is equally worthy of consideration: “There are 96 million people in the United States who have no spouse.”

Unlike many dating advice gurus, Lucas assures us that, ultimately, it should not be the single girl’s goal to land the perfect guy, but rather, to enjoy the dating process and embrace the notion that being single is not a sin.

Her refreshing take on dating and relationships squarely places the focus (and responsibility) on the woman’s shoulders – as opposed to the man’s – which is, in and of itself, a stance of empowerment.  Lucas encourages her readers to live in the moment –every moment – while learning, loving and laughing at the mistakes they may make along the way.

One of our favorite insights is “Men: The Manual,” where the author enumerates wonderful facts about men that every woman should, but probably doesn’t, know regarding what makes the opposite sex tick.

Employing a colloquial and conversational tone, Lucas deftly uses references from popular films like School Daze and lyrics from the likes of Biggie and Kanye to connect with the reader on a level that is both visual and cultural.  We are, at her invitation, a community of sisters, brothers, friends and lovers, and she advises us on a level that is both relatable and relational.

From superficial anecdotes to deeply personal and, in some instances, painful recollections, A Belle in Brooklyn offers  an honest assessment of life as a cosmopolitan single woman and inspires readers to have the courage to be uncompromising in their values while exploring love and life on their own terms.

About the Author:  Demetria L.Lucas (aka “Belle) is the woman behind the award-winning blog “A Belle in Brooklyn” where she muses on dating, relationships, and pop culture. Lucas, a lifelong relationship coach, is also the Relationships Editor at Essence where she pens a monthly dating advice column, Dating Guide, and selects sexy, eligible bachelors for “Single Man of the Month” and the annual “Do Right Men” issue.

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