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Songs You and Mom Can Agree On

By Monica Vergel de Dios

Photo Credit: Miki Yoshihito

There are few areas where generational gaps are more apparent than in our various tastes in music.  If you’re “a little hip hop” then your parents are probably “a little rock, funk or disco.”  The wonderful thing about music is that it can bridge cultural, gender and, yes, even generational gaps.  When it comes to music, there’s simply something for everyone!

Your mom probably had you listening to her favorite cassettes when she was carrying you in her womb. You didn’t have a choice then – she was in total control of the playlist!  But now, when you’re together, do you find yourself plugged in to your iPod instead of sitting through her golden oldies?  Well, that sort of behavior isn’t really conducive to bonding, now is it?

We asked music journalist Monica Vergel de Dios to offer some suggestions about songs that both you and mom can enjoy together.  Here are her top 10 picks:

1. “Oh Maker” – Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae is a throwback to an era gone by –  remixed with totally modern and unique flavor.  It’s impossible to build a list like this and not have her be the first artist to appear on it! Her songs are fun, energetic and offer mom-friendly lyrics, at that. Good beats, words you can relate to, and a great female voice.  Enough said.


2. “Strange Overtones” – David Byrne & Brian Eno

This upbeat cut will make you want to pile the whole family in the car and take a long Sunday drive.  It’s also a great pick for jamming with Mom while cooking something up in the kitchen, too.


3. “He Won’t Go” – Adele

As one of today’s hottest acts, Adele is a must for any playlist.  The combination of this sexy beats with Adele’s sexy voice is guaranteed to make every woman, no matter what her age, feel, well, sexy.


4. “Chilly Winds” – (Fink Remix) – Nina Simone

This smooth steady song featuring the rich voice of the great Nina Simone will soothe your senses.  The jazz bass infused in towards the end picks it up just a tad – making it a perfect track to listen to with Mom on a rainy day.


5. “Midnight Love” – Tennishero

This is actually one of my mom’s favorites, so you know it had to make the list! This track balances lounge and disco beats, and is a definite pick that you can both sway your shoulders to.


6. “Riders on the Storm” – The Doors

There are some things that will just never go out of style, and the complex, ethereal sound of The Doors is one of them.  This moody track will transport you and Mom to another world as Jim Morrison’s voice gently carries you there.


7. “One on One” – The Bird and the Bee (Hall and Oates Cover)

There’s nothing like aclassic 80’s cover by a popular contemporary band.  Talk about catering to multiple generations! The Bird and the Bee’s entire album, “Interpreting the Masters Volume 1: A Tribute to Daryl Hall and John Oates” is one for mom to reminisce to, and one for you to bob your head to.


8. “Lady Luck” (Royce Wood Junior Mix) – Jamie Woon

I just had to throw in some funk for y’all here!  We all know our moms got down back in the day, and hopefully they still do today. This somewhat sultry/funky song is guaranteed to make any mom feel super hip and channel her inner swagger!


9. “Constant Surprises” – Little Dragon

Okay, so I’m a little biased, here, because Little Dragon is one of my favorite bands.  This song resonates with me because the lyrics are so honest and true. It’s likely that mom has never heard of Little Dragon, but she’ll love you even more than she does now once you introduce her to their sound!


10. “I Feel Good” – James Brown

At any age, we all wanna feel good, right?  There are few artists who can get us on our feet faster than “The Godfather of Soul.”  No matter where you hear this one – in the car, at the mall, or in the privacy of your own home – both you and mom have my permission to totally groove to this one!


We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of songs that daughters and mothers can jam, sway, cook, eat, drink, laugh & cry to.   Did one of your favorites not make the cut?  Well, join the conversation and let us know your top 10 trans-generational jams!

About the WriterMonica Vergel de Dios loves and lives in LA. She works in digital media and is the editor for theMojaMoja.com, a live event experience and online destination curated by KCRW’s Garth Trinidad to discover international and urban alternative music and culture.

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