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THE POWER OF PINK : Wiles Magazine


Brighton’s 2020 Power of Pink Campaign Marks its 18th Year

Introducing a new bracelet in support of breast cancer charities

Every year, Brighton pursues its quest to make a positive difference in the world and in partnership with its generous customers. Nobody could have forecasted what the country is facing in 2020– the coronavirus and natural disasters.  This year is so different from the previous 17 years of their Power of Pink Initiative; therefore, the company is even more committed to continue making a difference through supporting communities in need and the charities that serve them.


2020 Power Of Pink Bracelet

Brighton has donated over $7 million dollars to support breast cancer charities nationwide through the annual sale of its Power of Pink bracelet and accessories. On October 2nd, the company unveiled its limited edition 2020 Power of Pink bracelet to  be sold through October 31st to support families impacted by the disease.

Brighton’s Owner and Founder, Jerry Kohl, explains why they are expanding their efforts. “We have a deep commitment to empowering women and their families. Our passion for supporting them has risen to new heights during this unprecedented year. Vulnerable populations have faced increased hardship and we hope to help alleviate some of the challenges they face. Finding and sharing hope for a cure is crucial.  The way we approach this is by supporting the charities in need, within communities surrounding our stores.”

The new bracelet is designed by Onofre Casas, symbolizing a beacon of hope and an inspiration for all who are affected by breast cancer, containing inscribed messages of “love,” “heal,” “hope” and “strength.” $10 of the purchase price from each $64 bracelet will be donated to breast cancer charities.

Brighton also designed limited edition Power of Pink Face Masks at $30 a pair, of which $6 will be donated from each purchase. Additionally, Brighton opened its archives and will offer Power of Pink bracelets and accessories from previous years, donating up to $10 per item sold. There are many styles to choose from. Please consider making a purchase to support a meaningful cause.

By teaming with Brighton and wearing your Power Of Pink, you can contribute to the fight against breast cancer!

For more information please visit brighton.com/powerofpink 
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