Letter From The Editor

What is it about history that fascinates us so?  Is it our own narcissism and an infatuation we have with our past accomplishments?  Or is there some sincere desire within each of us to learn from and prevent repeating our past mistakes?

As we enter December we embrace the fact that yet another year is drawing to a close.  Newsstands around the world will no doubt be packed with “year in review” issues, and we, at Wiles Magazine, are adding our voices to the global recollection.

So, when we reflect back on 2012, what exactly will we see?  What moments will forever be etched into our memories, and what lessons have we learned?

In this, our first-ever “Year in Review Issue,” Wiles is taking a look back at some of the year’s most talked-about moments in entertainment, business and social affairs.  From our “Cover Story” highlighting the year’s overall biggest news narratives, to our “Purse Strings” feature showcasing some of the most powerful stories to emerge from the business world, you’ll relive some of the greatest moments that defined us in 2012: as a culture, as a community and, in some instances, as combatants.

We’re also excited to unveil our selections for “Artists of the Year” celebrating some of the women whose talents and presence we simply couldn’t get enough of this year; and in our “Fallen Stars” feature we’ll remember some of the celebrity Wiles women we lost.

Our signature holiday feature His Guide to Shopping for Her is back with wonderful gifting recommendations for the “shopping-challenged” guy – so please feel free to share with your significant other (you can thank us later!)

And we wouldn’t be Wiles if we didn’t throw at least a little fashion into the mix, so we hope you enjoy our exclusive highlights from the recent star-studded British Fashion Awards.

It’s interesting that, at the completion of each year, we’re often left with a host of questions: why did this or that happen, what could we have done differently, or what will the future hold?  But as we take a look back at the storms and the successes of 2012, I think it’s safe to say that we’ve learned a few things about ourselves, in the process:  As a people, we are passionate, we are resilient, and when we join with one another, we are powerful.