Many of us grew up hearing our mothers say things like “You are what you eat “ and “you only get one body, so you better take care of it;” but once we started packing our own lunchboxes, how many of us actually adhered to those principles in our lifestyles and health practices?  For many women, concerted wellness efforts come in spurts – like when we’re trying to slim down to flaunt our beach body on vacation, or slide into a slinky little number for a hot date or event.  But how many of us know that real, lasting wellness requires a commitment to making the right decisions – every meal and every day.

In these challenging and hectic times, staying healthy is more than a notion. Stress levels for women are higher than ever, and profits from prescription drugs continue to soar.  If there was an app for eating right, we’d all have it down pat. But in a time when eating healthy is exponentially more expensive than grabbing a donut or an egg mc-something on the run, it’s no wonder that obesity, heart disease and cancer rates are at an all-time high.

During the month of October, women’s health issues garner national attention as we observe Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence Awareness months. In this, our “Wellness Issue,” Wiles Magazine is proud to provide you with content that promotes our definition of “total wellness” – in our bodies, in our professions and in our personal and social lives.

In “What He Wants,” love doctor Drew Allen offers a battery of “vital signs” for us to check in order to maintain our relational health.  Cultural purveyor Marc Alexander spotlights some of history’s greatest fitness gurus in this month’s installment of “G.O.A.T.”  In “Arts & Entertainment,” we’ll explore a provocative collection from San Francisco-based spray paint artist Chor Boogie that exposes some of the United States’ gravest societal ills. And in our “Health & Wellness” section, we’re proud to offer vital information for victims of domestic violence in search of help and healing.

And finally, we’re thrilled to present our cover story: an exclusive look behind the scenes of Lifetime’s reboot of one of the greatest chick flicks of all time Steel Magnolias. We’ll hear from the cast about how this re-telling will breathe new life into the classic story, while allowing its universal themes of love, friendship and resilience to resonate.

Now that we’re all grown up, we sometimes cringe when we hear our mothers’ words from our youth coming out of our mouths. But deep down, we know: sometimes Mom was actually right.  We are what we eat, and we do have only one body. Our health is the return on the investment that we make in ourselves.  So make your wellness a priority…then sit back, relax and enjoy reaping the dividends!