Letter From The Editor – October

We are women of standards, values and high expectations. We put our best designer-shoed foot forward every day, and in everything we do, we demand the highest quality. When working to achieve “the good life” the thought of merely surviving is not an option. But what of those who are battling illness – where the ability to simply live to see one more day is an immeasurable blessing?

The month of October was christened “National Cancer Awareness Month” twenty-five years ago. I can remember, as a child, thinking of breast cancer as an old woman’s disease; but now, that I’m an adult, I see very clearly that it is not. Even as young women, our lives can be immensely impacted by this devastating disease. Whether assisting a mother, grandmother or aunt through the painful diagnosis and subsequent treatment, to examples like actress Christina Applegate and Latina singing sensation Soraya – both of whom were diagnosed with breast cancer well under the age of 40-the evidence is clear: breast cancer is a disease that can affect all of us at any given moment. It is with this understanding that Wiles Magazine proudly devotes our October issue to the advocates, the victims and the survivors who inspire us all to strive for wellness as our new gold standard.

This month’s Cover Story and Mr. Right features will be, primarily, pictorial tributes to the women and men who have been at the forefront of the movement to raise awareness and find a cure for breast cancer. Our Purse Strings feature will showcase the work of Amie Petersen and the Foundation for Living Beauty – an organization that assists women coping with cancer to heal from both the physical and emotional effects of illness.

In our Fashion and Beauty section, we’re pleased to present an editorial spread on the star-studded 29th annual Macy’s Passport Fashion Show founded by the late Dame Elizabeth Taylor which seeks to raise funds and awareness for HIV/AIDS research.

And our Arts and Entertainment section offers a review of Essence Relationships Editor Demetria L. Lucas’ first dating advice book, A Belle in Brooklyn, which encourages women to live their best lives – whether single, married or indifferent.

The motto for this year’s National Breast Cancer Awareness month is “Awareness, Education and Empowerment.” Join us throughout the month of October as we pick up this mantle – inspired and determined to live our best, healthiest and most fulfilling lives every day.