When many of us hear the word “motherhood” the first thing that pops into our minds is “responsibility.”  True, there is no greater responsibility on earth than being the chief caregiver and guiding light in a child’s life.  As women, we have been raised with the understanding that it is a foregone conclusion that we will one day become mothers. But in the ongoing battle of balancing life and work, how do we feel about the prospect of adding yet another responsibility to our already full plates?

For obvious reasons, May is a month during which we turn our attention to all things motherly.  But instead of just having a conversation about motherhood, we, here at Wiles, would like to encourage you to embrace motherhood.  Or, at least, the idea of it.

Now, more than ever, women are empowered to define motherhood on their own terms.  Options like surrogacy, in vitro fertilization and adoption are affording us the possibility to become mothers later in life.  Technology now enables many of us to pursue our careers outside the traditional office setting.  And medical advances like epidurals and C-sections have done their best to take as much of the pain and scarring out of labor as possible.  So, in celebration of the month of May, we’re excited to take a look at modern motherhood – from a Wiles woman’s perspective!

Now, we wouldn’t be completely true to ourselves if we didn’t indulge in, at least, a little glamour, which is why our “Fashion and Beauty” and Arts & Entertainment sections are fully glam-packed!   First, you’ll get a glimpse at all of the gorgeous goings-on from our coverage of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia through the eyes of make-up impresario Napoleon Perdis. And in “Arts and Entertainment,” you’ll revel in highlights from an exhibit featuring the work of one of the world’s most respected and talented photographers – the late, great Herb Ritts.

Prepare yourselves for a healthy dose of substance to go along with your style, beginning with this month’s “Health & Wellness” feature.  Aptly titled “What to Expect Before You’re Expecting,” this feature offers essential tips and information that every woman who is contemplating pregnancy should know.

In this month’s “Purse Strings,” you’ll learn more about foster care as a viable parenting option as we spotlight the nonprofit organization Peace 4 Kids in recognition of Foster Care Awareness Month.

In “What He Wants,” resident relationships expert Drew Allen will give us insight into the attributes that make a woman “Mommy Material.”

And we’re proud to shout-out to some of Hollywood’s most famous and fabulous mother-daughter duos in both our “GOAT” feature and our beautiful “I Got It From My Mama” pictorial.  Lastly, we’re proud to publish a poignant special-edition cover story on one of the most fabulous working moms we’ve ever seen – the lovely and lovable Holly Robinson-Peete!  Not only does she share some of the things she loves about being a mom, she lets us in on some of her secrets for managing her hectic life as a wife, working mother, author, actress and philanthropist!

An oft-quoted verse from the Holy Bible suggests that “To whom much is given, so shall much be required.”  Regardless of your theological stance, the proof is all around us: people are desperate for voices of truth, acts of kindness and women who radiate strength and light.  Whether we choose to bear a child, or to simply bear the burdens of this world, being a Wiles woman is not just a status – it’s a calling to make a positive impact on the lives of those around us.