Letter from the Editor – May


Mothers.  For most of us, theirs was the first voice, the first touch and the first smile that informed us of our human existence.

As daughters, the trajectory of our relationships with our mothers can follow an intriguing, complicated and sometimes, tumultuous path.  During childhood, our mothers are the centers of our tiny universes –supplying our every need and indulging our total dependence upon them.  But, as we mature into our teen and adult years, we oftentimes butt heads with our mothers in an effort to show them just how much we don’t need them anymore!   Typically, it’s only when we become mothers, ourselves, that we truly begin to appreciate the sacrifices and struggles that came along with seeing us safely into adulthood.

From Mother’s Day in the U.S. – observed on May 8th– to Canada’s Victoria Day on May 25th – events throughout the month of May will celebrate mothers, queens and other Wiles women who’ve nurtured us into becoming the sexy, savvy socialites that we are today.  In keeping with that theme, this issue of Wiles will engage you in lively discussions about our notions of ancestry and identity, social responsibility, and the tradition of daytime soap operas as veritable heirlooms that have been passed from mothers to daughters for generations.

We’re also extremely excited to feature one of our favorite television daughters, the incomparable Tatyana Ali, in this month’s Cover Story.  As she shares her inspiring story of growing up in the spotlight, you’ll see just how essential the support and guidance she’s received from her mother have been in shaping both her personal and professional success.

In our “When Mom Needs a Mother” feature, you’ll hear perspectives on the challenges of becoming a caregiver to the one who’s always cared for you.  And in a thought-provoking “Health and Wellness” contribution from Maryl and Sylvie Celiz, we’ll unpeel the mental and spiritual layers of our relationship, as individuals, with Mother Earth.

Mother-daughter relationships captivate us because they are complex, emotionally charged and ever-evolving.  Our hope is that, as you enjoy the contents found in this month’s issue, you’ll be reminded of precious moments and poignant memories of the women who’ve loved, encouraged and supported you throughout your life’s journey.