As my team and I assembled this month’s issue, it occurred to me that we could easily have named this our “Icons issue.”  Observing the enormous achievements of women over the years was an obvious choice for content for this month – with March being Women’s History Month.  But on page after page and in feature after feature, you will see, that the women we’ve chosen to showcase this month not only contributed to history, but they led purpose-filled lives that influenced generations and changed the world –  both in their times and in perpetuity.

For starters, we’re honored to feature the Girls Scouts of the USA and their CEO Anna Maria Chavez in this month’s installment of “Purse Strings!”  Celebrating their centennial anniversary of providing leadership and personal development to millions of girls around the globe, we spoke to Ms. Chavez about what makes the Girls Scouts of the USA one of the United States’ most legendary and recognizable brands, and why the organization is still relevant to young girls today.

We’re also pleased to present our “Salute to Service & Sisterhood” feature as a major shout-out to some of the nation’s top sororities as organizations who’ve made community involvement, academic achievement, and enriching the lives of their sisters as their primary reasons for existence.

For personal and introspective content, you’ll want to check out our “What He Wants” feature.  Our relationship expert Drew Allen is back from his stellar debut in our February issue to offer us perspectives on how to keep the “Ghost of Boyfriends Past” from haunting our current and future love affairs.  And this month’s “Health and Wellness” feature will provide critical information about the importance of exploring your family history for signs of potential hereditary conditions and illnesses in the future.

In our “Arts & Entertainment” and “Fashion & Beauty” sections, you’ll see that women’s history is far from boring and, at times, actually has had a very powerful and sexy aesthetic! For instance, this month’s “Wiles Films: Power Players” feature offers an exciting look at some of our favorite female-driven films based on true stories; and our “Fashion & Beauty” section is a stunning visual retrospective highlighting some of the most alluring style icons from the early 20th Century to today.

Clearly, this issue would not be complete if it didn’t feature an iconic woman on the cover and, given the recent loss of the incomparable Whitney Houston, we decided to use this month’s cover as a thoughtful tribute to one of the brightest stars in recent memory.  We’ll celebrate the legacy of the woman who has been dubbed “the voice of her generation” and we’ll take an honest look at the life lessons we must all learn from her personal and professional experiences.

One of the most exciting things about this issue for me is that it reflects how women have historically impacted society in every way imaginable.  In that sense, by illuminating their achievements from the past, we’re also lending credence to our own visions and hopes for future success.  Our foremothers have taught us that no demand is too audacious, no dream is too outlandish, and no aspiration is impossible to achieve when it’s pursued with every fiber of one’s being.   As far as Wiles is concerned, Women’s History Month has never looked better.  And making history is a goal that is well within our reach.