Letter From The Editor

I know I don’t have to tell you that it’s hard to be a woman.  I’m thankful and humbled to say that I’ve been blessed with a pretty amazing life and yet, I still have those pulling-out-your-hair-primal-cry moments at least once a week.

But it occurred to me not so long ago that it’s not all that easy being a man these days, either.  Men in our contemporary world are constantly challenged: physically, emotionally, financially and in so many other ways that we don’t even know about – and, quite possibly, wouldn’t understand even if we did know.  And on top of all the expectations and demands that are put on them, the good ones still make an effort to come home every day and take a stab at loving and supporting us.  It’s not an easy job and, quite frankly, only a real man can handle it.

Each June, Wiles Magazine publishes what we like to call our “Daddy Issue” where men and male-related issues take center stage. From our “Fashion & Beauty” feature “Essential Tips Every Well-Dressed Man Knows” to our “Health & Wellness” feature designed to promote summer safety among the more adventurous sect, we’re excited to engage our male counterparts in open and meaningful discussion all month long.

Our cover story on the “Boys of Summer” will offer you a quick peek at some of the hotly anticipated male-led blockbusters that will grace the silver screen this season.  And bonus content published later in the month will include a dreamy playlist featuring tunes from some of our favorite past and present balladeers.

If I were to tell you that I know a man who’s got the body of Adonis, the mind of Einstein, the passion of Cassanova and the humility of Ghandi – would you believe me? Well, the truth is, I do.  And maybe some of you do, too.  But is near-perfection what we really expect from men?

I think a man who works hard, exhibits integrity and humility and puts his best foot forward every day is a good place to start.  A lot of messages in today’s media will try to convince you and them that chivalry is dead and cold in his grave.  But here, at Wiles, we know good men exist, and it is our joy and honor to celebrate them.