Letter From The Editor – June

[three_fourth]Men. Some studies suggest that there’s a shortage of men, but trust me when I tell you, they’re everywhere. We see them walking through the mall pushing their children in strollers. We see them circling the bases in leisurely pick-up games at the ballpark. Sometimes, they’re in uniform – protecting and serving us in the streets or in distant lands. And I must admit that, personally, it never gets old when a man holds the door open for me in a public place. As a Wiles woman, I can’t help but notice men; and as a magazine, Wiles can’t help but honor them.

June is a month where men tend to shine. It’s a favorite month for brides whose fathers will be walking them down the aisle into the arms of their new husbands. It’s the month where we, in the U.S., celebrate Father’s Day. And it’s the official beginning of the summer season where lazy days are idled away through fishing trips, family vacations and backyard barbecues. In light of all of this, we’re very excited to dedicate this issue – The Daddy Issue – to the fathers, brothers, leaders and lovers who inspire us and make us proud.

Beginning with our Cover Story on Super Bowl champion and newly crowned king of “Dancing With the Stars” Hines Ward, this issue will celebrate the very best of men. In his own words, we’ll learn about how growing up as a multicultural man to a single mother shaped his views on life. We’ll also see that, despite enjoying a lucrative career in the National Football League, he remains humble, personable and determined to be a better man every day.

Our Down Time and Fashion & Beauty feature on Madaboutown.com will give you gift and outings ideas for celebrating the special days in your special man’s life. And we’ll also shine the spotlight on two giants from the entertainment world: first, through perspectives from megastar Prince’s “Welcome 2 America Tour,” and, later, in a touching editorial tribute to our recently fallen “father of hip hop” poet, musician and activist Gil Scott-Heron.

It’s been said that, as women, we first learn about men from our fathers. But what is the lesson learned when our fathers are authoritarian, abusive, or, in many cases, aren’t even present? Through this issue, we aspire to spark discussion about our relationships with men–from our fathers to our lovers–in hopes of learning how we can be our best selves in our dealings with the opposite sex. Whether the men in your life are in your home, in your workplace, or just random passersby on the street, enjoying a healthy relationship with men is essential to living a happy and balanced life.