Sometimes I forget what it feels like to be swept off my feet.  And just then, I’ll get a sweet compliment, or a warm embrace that lingers a little longer than it really had to, and suddenly I begin to feel warm and tingly inside. I admit it: I am a sucker for sweet nothings, because they gently remind me that I’m not just a woman, I’m also a girl.

Many of you, like me, have been privileged to grow up with Cinderella fantasies and Sleeping Beauty dreams. But these days, Cinderella’s smart phone keeps her plugged in to reality constantly; and Sleeping Beauty rarely, if ever, gets nearly enough sleep.

How do we open our hearts and hands to love and romance when we’re juggling a million balls in the air?  Have we become too progressive for love and too modern for romance?

As you’ll see throughout this month’s issue, success in romance begins at home with embracing and loving ourselves; and our resident emotional health expert, Dr. Dianne Bohorquez, will offer tips to help us heal from past disappointments and get us ready for romance again!

We’re also thrilled to introduce a new voice to our “What He Wants” column who will offer perspectives on love, romance and marriage from the single man’s point of view.  And this month’s “Mr. Right” will celebrate some of the most romantic men throughout history!

Our “Wiles Tunes” feature will offer you a sultry playlist to get you “in the mood,” and you’ll learn how to redefine love and “change the world with a kiss” in our “Purse Strings” feature on the all-benefit makeup company PeaceKeeper Cause-metics.

One of my favorite songs of all time is “The Glamorous Life” by Sheila E. On top of the sexy danceable beat, I’ve always loved the way the lyrics articulate the conundrum successful women face: love versus money.  It is an absolute joy for us to feature Sheila E. in this month’s cover story!

A true musical pioneer, Sheila E. took percussion instruments – arguably the most masculine instruments ever played – and used a special blend of skill and sensuality to create a sound that is all her own.  We talked to her about performing with Prince, and her father and her brothers, as well as the pain and love that have forged her new humanitarian calling in life.

Throughout the month of February, we’re challenging ourselves and all of you to love, and be loved in return. Please enjoy this month’s issue of Wiles Magazine.  It’s our version of a valentine – straight from our hearts to yours.