If you’ve ever wondered just how fascinated our culture is with love and relationships all you have to do is pick up a popular magazine. Nine times out of ten, it will be packed with pages of discourses on who’s dating who, who’s divorcing who, when so-and-so’s baby is due and so on. We may be all grown up, but we certainly haven’t outgrown our insatiable appetite for romance…or at least the fantasy of it.

And maybe that’s the problem. That’s not to say that we shouldn’t desire relationships – quite the contrary. What the world needs now is love, sweet love, and sometimes I think that rainbows and butterflies were made for daydreamers just like me. But whether we like it or not, eventually, there will come a day when Prince Charming will fall off his horse and Snow White will discover dirt under her fingernails. So what do we do then – after the art and poetry of romance have worn off?

Our challenge, today, is finding something real. Something sacred. Something powerful. Something intimate.  From computer love to cozying up one-on-one, this month, we’re going to dive right in and discuss how to find and maintain intimacy in a digital dating age.

In “Arts & Entertainment, we’ll embark on a murderous adventure through our review of Damon Young’s sensational short story 33 Ways to Kill My Husband.  And in “What He Wants,” Drew Allen will take us on a voyage exploring the seldom-charted waters of a look at intimacy from a man’s point of view.

This month’s “Fashion & Beauty” section has been hand-crafted to get you intimately acquainted with some of your softest and sexiest assets with features on Australian beauty brand VANI-T and luxurious Le Rouge lipstick from Parfums Givenchy.

Our “Life & Leisure” section is filled with ideas for food, wine and fun so that you can make the most of the quality time you spend with your loved one. And in “Health & Wellness,” we’re proud to offer a “Sexual Health Checklist” to ensure that the most intimate area of your relationship is fulfilling for both you and your partner.

We’re absolutely ecstatic to feature, in this month’s cover story, an exclusive and extremely intimate look at love in America through the eyes of prolific hit-maker Lenny Kravitz. Come along for the ride as we peel back the layers and journey behind the famous sunglasses and into the soul of one of this generation’s most passionate and thoughtful artists.

For many of us, the thought of being intimate with someone can be as scary as walking blindfolded across an inch-wide tightrope in 5-inch stiletto heels. It’s definitely risky business and the potential for getting hurt is very real. But if you believe…that even if you fall…you’ll land safely in someone else’s arms…then maybe it’s worth taking that first step after all?