Letter From The Editor – August


It seems as though every time I turn around, I hear someone using the expression “That’s hot” – and very rarely is it a reference to temperature. Sometimes, the speaker is using the phrase to describe a particularly attractive person, or a tangible item like a car or a piece of clothing. Still, other times, the phrase is synonymous with sex and sensuality. By most accounts, being considered “hot” is a good thing. After all, being hot equals being desired.
With this in mind, we’ve dedicated this, our hottest issue of the year, to August – the year’s hottest month. We’re sure you’ll feel the heat – beginning with our cover story on one of the hottest stars in Hollywood – Jumping the Broom star Laz Alonso. Screen idol good looks, investment banker intelligence and a genuine, humble spirit are the irresistible combination that makes up Laz Alonso. We’re so excited to feature him as our cover guy for August and we know you’ll love learning more about his decade-long journey to the top.
We’re also thrilled to showcase some of the hottest street artists of all time in our review of the Art in the Streets exhibit at Los Angeles’ Museum of Contemporary Art. And, of course, no “hot” issue would be complete without some scorching fashion; and that’s exactly what we‘re serving up in our feature on luxury swimwear designer Kirsti Grinna. Finally, on a more serious note, we felt compelled to spark discussion about the downside and dangers of “heat” in the form of global warming with an excellent commentary contributed by Greenpeace USA Coal Campaigner Kelly Mitchell.
Be sure to check out our “Wiles Films” feature this month as we relive some of the hottest onscreen moments in movie history. And, just when you think you can’t take any more heat, we’ll cool you off with a delicious strawberry sorbet recipe from resident chef Arturo Vargas.
So, what exactly are you waiting for? You owe this to yourself. Dive in to this month’s issue and let Wiles set your computer monitor on fire!