Letter From The Editor – April


When researching a name for our new publication, my team and I considered many options that we felt would speak to the attributes we wanted this transmedia entity to possess. “Classy,” “sexy,” “smart,” and “relevant,” were terms that all came to mind. Yet, when it came to finally settling on a name, there was only one word that accurately reflected who we are, and who we want to be, and that word was “wiles.”

So what exactly are “wiles?” To some, “wiles” means “allure,” “cunning,” “charm,” or even “manipulation.” In fact, in days gone by, “wiles” were popularly understood to be a woman’s set of subtle behaviors, such as flirting or the batting of her eyelashes in order to dupe someone—usually some unfortunate, unsuspecting man– into giving her what she wanted. As the old wives’ tales go, when used to their fullest extent, a woman’s feminine wiles were virtually impossible to resist. While the methods may have changed a bit, the belief that modern women possess some unique, undeniable power to influence the world around them is one of our core beliefs here at Wiles Magazine. That’s right, we said it. Progressive, influential, sophisticated women have wiles! And as this inaugural issue so clearly illustrates, women from every cultural background – and from every corner of the globe – are using that power to entertain audiences, to launch entrepreneurial endeavors, to bring inspiration to disadvantaged youth and to overthrow dominant, oppressive regimes. From our cover girl, actress/model/philanthropist Nadine Velazquez, to our “Purse Strings” socialites and entrepreneurs Abby Russell and Rachel Farabaugh from designRACY, you’ll get an up-close look at how sexy, savvy women are making major things happen every day. And in a heartfelt editorial tribute, we’ll reflect on the extraordinary life of an icon and the ultimate “wiles woman” – Dame Elizabeth Taylor.

Our team of contributors, advisors and staff are extremely proud to present Wiles Magazine—a publication dedicated entirely to the celebration of sexy, savvy women who advocate, support and enhance the lives of others. We hope that, with each issue, you will all be engaged, enlightened and inspired to look within yourselves and seek out the unique, tremendous power that lies within you. After all, every woman has wiles.