I wish I had a dollar for every man who’s told me that he finds confidence and intelligence hot. And I mean smoldering hot.

That’s not to say that men aren’t the visual creatures our mothers warned us about. They are suckers for a pretty face, to be sure. But while many men may drive in the cute lane, they don’t actually live there. In fact, despite many of the sex kitten images that dominate media and advertising today, most men will tell you they find a woman who’s a total package simply irresistible. Brains are hot.  Good conversation is hot. And business savvy in a woman is enough to drive him wild. And that’s exactly why Wiles devotes each August “Heat Issue” to redefining what’s hot from the inside out.

In our review of fitness trainer Nicole Chaplin’s new book Yes Mam! you’ll see how experts like Nicole encourage women to seek wellness as their ultimate fitness goal and not simply a sexy body. In “What He Wants” you’ll get candid advice on how to spark the flames of passion and turn up the heat in your relationship.

We’re back with our annual “Hot List” in “Purse Strings” which shines the spotlight on 10 of the brightest stars in business that everyone is talking about. And to prove that a Wiles woman is certainly no prude, we’ve got uber-hot swimwear courtesy of Kate Swim to make our “Fashion & Beauty” section sizzle!

Speaking of fashion and beauty, we’re incredibly excited to bring you exclusive features on two superstars who completely embody both and a whole lot more. Wiles was there to help supermodel turned super-mogul Tyra Banks and her America’s Next Top Model team kick off their historic 20th cycle and we’ve got exclusive highlights to share! And our cover story on “It Girl” turned icon Drew Barrymore and her Flower Cosmetics brand will be a true inspiration to any entrepreneur-in-the-making!

It’s easy to forget that role models like Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton and Dr. Mae Jemison haven’t always been around. This generation has been incredibly blessed to live in an age where women are now revered and, in some cases, reviled for their shrewdness, resourcefulness, intelligence and fortitude. We’re the heirs to a legacy of unprecedented opportunity and a world where the only real limits that exist are the ones we put on ourselves. A bright future with endless possibilities? Now that’s hot!