Journey Women

  Afiya, webmaster/designer of and her mother, Shonda Buchanan, travel writer and English professor, have enjoyed numerous mother-daughter trips, from California Wine Country to Mexico to Senegal. Stay tuned for their summer journeys to Hawaii, Montana, Los Padres National Forest in the California mountains, and the Kingdom of Tonga.       Shonda Buchanan […]


[three_fourth] When researching a name for our new publication, my team and I considered many options that we felt would speak to the attributes we wanted this transmedia entity to possess. “Classy,” “sexy,” “smart,” and “relevant,” were terms that all came to mind. Yet, when it came to finally settling on a name, there was […]

Cover Story: Nadine Velazquez

Hi, I’m Nadine By Teryl Warren We’d been trying to make this interview happen for weeks, but life and work seemed to always get in the way. One week, she’s jetting off to shoot the new “Charlie’s Angels” pilot in Miami, the next week I’m swamped with screenwriting deadlines and editing projects for Wiles. We […]

World View – April

The New Non-Violence: How Young Egyptian Women Spawned Revolution Through Social Media By Hisham Jabi     As the researcher on youth empowerment for Management Systems International – a government contractor specializing in international development – I was asked to travel to Egypt and interview young Egyptians to better understand the circumstances of the revolution. When […]

Tribute – April

Tribute To Elizabeth Taylor By Teryl Warren   It’s really no surprise that Elizabeth Taylor became a Hollywood legend. From the beginning, she lived a life that was absolutely made for pictures. Born on February 27, 1932 in England to American parents, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor would spend more than 65 of her 79 years in […]

Wiles in TV Land

By John Nathan Since its earliest days, women and their wiles have been responsible for some of the most entertaining and memorable moments in television. Who didn’t delight every time the “Golden Girls” honey-throated belle “Blanche Deveraux” reduced a man to mere putty in her hands? Without question, the entire crux of the beloved “I […]

Main Course – April

A Spring Delight From Chef Arturo Vargas Well, kids, we made it through the cold winter and it’s finally one of my favorite times of the year – Spring!   Even though we’re all leading hectic lives, it’s important to take a moment to enjoy the lush green grass, white and pink cherry blossoms, and the […]

Mirror Mirror – April

“Say Hello to Anthony Franco” By Sabrina Simone [three_fourth] Wiles had the opportunity to attend fashion designer Anthony Franco’s Fall 2011 fashion show last month in Los Angeles during Fashion Week and hosted at Craig Olsen Designs. Franco is a commercial stylist and designer who has styled, designed and dressed the likes of Angelina Jolie, […]

What He Wants – April

You’ve heard that relationships are work – and who out there really needs more work? The fact is, dating and relationships can be wonderful, fulfilling, stressful and confusing, all at the same time. And when guessing games and miscommunications get into the mix, the dating game can become totally overwhelming. And getting advice from your […]

Downtime – April

Spring Break By Francesca Merced For most people, the term “spring break” invokes images of bikini-clad coeds relaxing on a beach, or alcohol-guzzling frat boys drinking themselves silly. But why should the kids and teens get to have all the fun? After number-crunching, sales driving and starting our businesses off with a bang throughout the […]