Ahead of International Women’s Day, acclaimed photographer Nicolee Drake travelled to Guatemala to capture the women crafting the bands for the outside of each bottle of Zacapa 23 Rum. Credit: Nicolee Drake for Zacapa

Women Weaving Their Way to Success With Zacapa Ahead of International Women‘s Day, acclaimed photographer Nicolee Drake captures the women hand-crafting one of the world‘s best-tasting, premium dark spirits In the lush, green grasslands of Guatemala, a community of over 700 women are weaving their way to independence and empowerment by hand-crafting intricate ‘petate’ bands (woven palm leaves) that adorn the bottles [...]


Alfonzo Portillo

Former Guatemalan President facing embezzlement charges  By Rashida Wallace From Manuel Noriega to former Honduran president Manuel Zelaya, the tiny nations that make up Central America have seen more than their share of wayward leaders.  And now, add the name of Alfonso Portillo to that notorious list. On May 24, 2013, former Guatemalan President Alfonso [...]