Letter From The Editor

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I think it’s so fitting that the new Wonder Woman movie premieres on the first day of this month.  After all, we could all use a hero from time to time: someone to look up to, someone to emulate and, in those weaker moments, someone to save us. It’s even better when that hero is a beautiful, courageous woman, because, as many of us know, many times, we actually have to be our own superhero.

Typically, we reserve the month of June for the fellas when we publish our annual “Daddy Issue.”

And while the men will definitely be present in the pages of Wiles this month, over the next 30 days, whether male or female, my team and I invite you to be fearless and pick up our battle cry: No Fear.

There are so many things that we can be afraid of nowadays. From terrorist attacks and other senseless acts of violence, to failures in our businesses, relationships and families, it’s a wonder that we aren’t actually crippled with fear.

But since hiding under the covers and wishing the Big Bad Wolf away is not an option, how and where do we find the courage and the strength to not only fight our daily battles, but to win? Simple: we find it in each other, and we find it in ourselves.

This month, Wiles is literally loaded with features designed to inspire you to find 360 degrees of strength: strength in body, strength in character and strength in spirit.

In our Life & Leisure sections, inspire you to walk, run and fly, and we’ll help you fuel your wonder body by packing power onto your plate this summer with wonder foods

We invite to join us as we celebrate real-life heroes including our servicemen and servicewomen – through a series of inspiring features courtesy of the Wounded Warrior Project – as well as a real-life prince who is fighting devastating epidemics on a global scale.

And we’ll inspire you to become your most powerful an beautiful self – inside and out – with incredible fashion features and an inspiring, intimate profile on world-renowned pastor, wife and author Sarah Jakes Roberts.

We are all wonder women. We’re wonderful women.  We’re women of wonder.

Let this month’s issue of Wiles Magazine be a reminder that no matter what storms of life may threaten to knock you down, you have the strength to fly face-first into any storm.  And know that by the time it blows over, you will still be standing – stronger and better than ever.