Letter From The Editor

Image result for men's suit and tieI’ll let you in on a little secret. Since the inception of Wiles Magazine, our annual June “Daddy Issue” has always been one of my favorites. Not only does it give me and my team an opportunity to “think like a man,” but it also gives us a chance to show the fathers, brothers, uncles and lovers in our lives that we see them and we care about what’s important to them.

One need not look very far to see that the tensions between men and women are deepening. It’s always been a source of pride for the team here, at Wiles that men regularly contribute to and engage in the conversations we raise in our pages. And it’s our joy to take a moment from our regular programming each year to acknowledge and celebrate everything we love and admire about the opposite sex.

Our annual all-male takeover typically includes features on men’s fashion, men’s health and overall lifestyle content designed with men and mind. This year’s issue is no exception. From salutes to Major League Baseball’s Home Run Challenge to raise funds and awareness about prostate cancer, to a look at how the USO is flexing its muscles to support military families, this month’s “Daddy Issue” is filled with substantive stories that prove we’re able to accomplish the very best when we work together.

And on the lighter side, we’re excited to showcase the latest Men’s collection from New York-based designer Hiromi Asai, we’re providing a sneak peek at the lost album from jazz giant John Coltrane and weve got a great preview of an inspiring film about faith called “An Interview with God.”

If you’re still looking for some last-minute Father’s Day gift ideas, our Father’s Day Pop Up feature’s got you covered. And if your Dad’s day soiree is of the cocktail kind, you’ll love our World Gin Month signature selections recipes courtesy of Sipsmith.

And that’s only the tip of this month’s iceberg!

Oscar Wilde once said, “Between men and women, there is no friendship possible. There is passion, enmity, worship, love but no friendship.” But most of us know that Wilde was wrong, right?  As women, we’ve been blessed to experience the gamut of relationship possibilities that men have to offer. Some have been painful, some have been wonderful. But all of them have helped shape us into the Wiles women we are today. And that, alone, is worth acknowledging and celebrating.