Letter From The Editor

As we approach a New Year, many of us determine to make a fresh start and put the mistakes and shortcomings of the past behind us.

But, how often do we take an honest and thorough evaluation of ourselves so that we may possibly learn and grow from missteps we’ve made?

Before setting your New Year Resolutions in stone, can you benefit from asking yourself what you could have done better in 2012? What are your personal priorities for 2013 and, more importantly, what lessons have you learned that will help you reach your goals?

Whether you’re making a fresh start or taking your life to the next level, our January “Jumpstart” issue is designed to energize you during this first critical month of the year.  By starting strong out of the gate, our hope is that you will be renewed and ready to take on every challenge and enjoy every victory that is destined to come your way during 2013.

Our “Health & Wellness” feature is packed with great advice for how to “Jumpstart your fitness plan.” And in “Main Course,” Chef Arturo Vargas provides a hearty veggie omelette recipe sure to help you get every day started in delicious and nutritious fashion.

In “Arts & Entertainment,” you’ll be inspired by trailblazing street artists from the past and invigorated by the fresh style of newcomer Yonas Michael. Our “Fashion & Beauty” features will breathe new life into a classic men’s couture essential and will offer informative tips for protecting your skin from the harsh winter wind and cold.

Our “Cover Story” will give you a sneak peek at some of the year’s biggest trends in business, food, weddings and more. And, speaking of weddings, in “What He Wants,” relationship guru Drew Allen offers some tips on how to “Take it Slow” during the early stages of romance to make certain that your budding love will last.

Founder of Buddhism Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta once famously said, “There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth…not going all the way, and not starting.”  Regardless of your station in life, every January 1st puts the world on a level playing field. We are all starting over together – but where we end up twelve months later is a matter of individual choice.