By Francesca Merced

Valentine’s Day may be February 14th, but a quick trip to any of these destinations will set your romance on fire at any time of the year!  If you’re planning a vacation with your significant other, take a look at some of the world’s most romantic getaways before you book your flight!


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    VENICE, ITALY – Venice is a city that is practically synonymous with romance. From the easy flow of the city’s streets, to the endless art and delectable cuisine, Venice is a magical world where you and your love can escape and enjoy each other in every way.
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    CORSICA, FRANCE – Paris may be better known for romance, but while visiting France, Corsica is another must-see destination on the Ile. A Mediterranean island southeast of the French mainland, Corsica is much like a blend of French and Italian culture – beautifully blending the best parts of the two!
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    NEGRIL, JAMAICA – A popular destination for tourists and wedding parties, Montego Bay combines the beauty of the Caribbean, the ease of island culture and the conveniences of a luxury resort town into a destination that will satisfy any traveler.
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    BORA BORA, FRENCH POLYNESIA – Tropical, magical and an ideal nesting place for lovebirds from around the world. Known for its amazing beaches and luxurious resorts, the tiny island is an ideal setting for love’s flame to burn.
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    BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA – It’s probably no wonder that one of history’s greatest romances – between Eva and Juan Peron – was set in the sultry streets of Buenos Aires. Not to mention that a city that can give birth to the tango has to be oozing with sensuality!


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