Top Trends To Watch In 2013

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    DIGITAL MARKETING – In the marketing world, the word for 2013 is “integration.” With the surge in social media adoption last year, more and more businesses – big and small – are demanding integrated digital marketing campaigns across email, social media, content and mobile platforms. This is terrific news for marketing professionals at both the in-house and agency levels, as the increased marketing demand should result in larger marketing budgets and a greater need for marketing consultant services. Photo Credit: Petr Kratochvil
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    FASHION - Stripes will be one of the most prominent trends dominating the runways this Spring, with designers from Oscar de la Renta, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs and more all favoring the simple and elegant pattern. Photo Credit: Maliz Ong
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    ENTREPRENUERS – Website enhancements will be one of the biggest trends for small businesses to adopt. With so much noise on the internet, entrepreneurs who invest in converting their web sites into a destination – packed with vibrant videos, photos and compelling content – will have the competitive edge. Creating sites that are mobile-friendly will also be a 2013 essential. Photo Credit: Petr Kratochvil
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    HEALTH & FITNESS – Experts predict that a large number of older adults will jump on the fitness bandwagon in the New Year. Expect to see more baby boomers in the locker rooms at neighborhood sports and fitness clubs as many gyms will begin offering classes and personal training services catering to the more mature sect. Strength and core training will also continue to be preferred among the wellness-minded. Photo Credit: Peter Griffin
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    TECHNOLOGY –Mobile phones are expected to over-take PCs as the preferred means for accessing the web in 2013. IT professionals in the post-PC era will need to become proficient in supporting multiple operating systems and platforms in order to stay on-trend and competitive in the workplace.
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    CONSUMER –Cultural awareness and national pride are expected to influence consumer purchases on a larger scale in 2013 than in years past. With manufacturing returning to mature markets and emerging markets using cultural symbols to sell goods both at home and abroad, cultural identity will prove a major selling point throughout the year. Photo Credit: Maliz Ong
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    FOOD – Across the board, people are expected to become much “smarter” about food in 2013. From efforts to ending waste, to ingesting 4-5 smaller-portioned meals throughout the day, the quiet storm of the rampant obesity epidemic, higher food prices and healthcare costs is giving rise to a better-informed grocery shopping and dining community.
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    BRIDAL& WEDDING – Changing marriage models (i.e. traditional role reversals and couples marrying later) have actually led to a decrease in divorce rates – which is music to the ears of any bride-to-be. When planning your special day this year, you’ll want to consider color. Celebrity wedding planners are predicting Mint as a favorite shade for the year, and with glamour girls like Jessica Biel selecting hues other than white for their bridal gowns, your bridal party palette is truly full of possibilities. Photo Credit: George Hodan
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