[three_fourth] Mothers. For most of us, theirs was the first voice, the first touch and the first smile that informed us of our human existence. As daughters, the trajectory of our relationships with our mothers can follow an intriguing, complicated and sometimes, tumultuous path. During childhood, our mothers are the centers of our tiny universes […]


Why We Love This Girl By Teryl Warren   As the star of Love That Girl!, the TV One network’s first original scripted program, executive produced by Martin Lawrence, Raphael Saadiq and Bentley Kyle Evans, Tatyana Ali shines as the smart, sexy, independent “Tyana Jones.” “Tatyana Ali shines?” Well, that’s nothing new. Since shooting the […]

Wiles Tunes

Songs You and Mom Can Agree On By Monica Vergel de Dios There are few areas where generational gaps are more apparent than in our various tastes in music.  If you’re “a little hip hop” then your parents are probably “a little rock, funk or disco.”  The wonderful thing about music is that it can […]

World View – May

“Changing the Guard: The Movement to Modernize the British Monarchy” By Alice Charles   The British monarchy boasts a proud legacy of powerful rulers including the likes of Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria and the current Queen Elizabeth II. In light of this past and present glory, it’s hard to imagine that an “equal rights” […]

The Death of Erica Kane

The Death of Erica Kane By Miriam Brown The recent cancellation of soap operas All My Children (AMC) and One Life to Live marks the end of an era, and seemingly foreshadows the overall demise of the American daytime drama. Only four series now remain: General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, The Young and the […]

Live From Coachella

In this era of easy-access internet downloads, we often miss out on the powerful experience of music being performed live: the crowds, the cacophony, the rhythm of energy passing back and forth between audience and artist.  Major music festivals feature diverse artist line-ups and bring together music lovers from all cultural backgrounds. The previous generation […]

What He Wants – May

You’ve heard that relationships are work—and who out there really needs more work? The fact is, dating and relationships can be wonderful, fulfilling, stressful and confusing, all at the same time. When guessing games and miscommunications get into the mix, the dating game can become totally overwhelming; and getting advice from your girlfriends—who don’t think […]

Purse Strings – May

A Legacy of Our Own Philanthropy and Legacy Planning Insights Courtesy of Sabrina Merage, Principal at Transom Family Services There is a paradigm shift happening around the world and today, women have more wealth, and the potential to generate wealth, than ever before. Since so many women make decisions concerning their household finances, it’s no […]

Main Course – May

Pure Egg-stacy By Chef Arturo Vargas   There’s nothing like starting off your day with a wonderful meal.  One of my favorite memories from my childhood in Mexico is waking up to the aromas of the flavorful foods that my mother and grandmother were whipping up in the kitchen. “Huevos Rancheros” is traditional Mexican fare […]

Downtime – May

Tea for Two By Francesca Merced   I remember an episode from the hit HBO series The Sopranos where mama “Carmela” and daughter “Meadow” argued over going to tea at the Ritz Carlton in the City. The bratty “Meadow” thought that going to tea was “lame;” and a visibly hurt “Carmela” was disappointed that her […]